Body Treatments

Rejuvenating body care services utilizing the finest products available.

Body Treatments

Oceanside Body Exfoliation (60m ... $75) (90m ... $95)

 Luxurious full body exfoliation treatment combining crushed walnuts and milk acids to remove dead skin cells, reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve circulation. Your skin will feel soft, fresh and invigorated. 

 *Followed with a light Lavender Swedish massage to soothe and calm your senses. 

Shore Escape Body Wrap Treatment (45m...$75)

 Free your skin of environmental stress and toxins with our "Ocean" inspired treatment. This treatment will begin with a stimulating full body "Dry Brush" exfoliation, followed by an all-natural seaweed, collagen, and elastin body wrap. This fusion will penetrate deep through the skin pores and cleanse underlying tissues. This treatment reshapes and contours the body, reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch-marks. Leaving your body revitalized.  

(90m w Swedish Massage... $135)

Body Contouring Therapy (45m…..$55)

This treatment tones skin, assists in body contouring, and stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation. It creates a flow of freshly oxygenated blood that is rich in natural nutrients. It breaks up the fibrous tissue leaving the skin soft, smooth and youthful. The “Cupping Therapy” techniques can be helpful for anyone suffering from cellulite, stretch marks and scars. This is very beneficial and a must after Lipo-surgery.  

(Package of 5…$250)(Package of 10..$450)