Body Treatments

Oceanside Body Exfoliation


 (60m ... $75)   (90m ... $95)

 Luxurious full body exfoliation treatment combining crushed walnuts and milk acids to remove dead skin cells, reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve circulation. Your skin will feel soft, fresh and invigorated. 

 *Followed with a light Lavender Swedish massage to soothe and calm your senses. 

Far Infrared Body Treatment


    30 Mins....$45    60Mins...$75 

Our Infrared Sauna Blankets treatment detoxifies the body, delivers fresh nutrients to muscles and boosts metabolic rate—so you burn calories like you’re working out, without working out. As you relax into the soothing, yet stimulating heat, infrared also triggers your brain’s happiness chemicals. The result? A healthy, rejuvenating experience that leaves you feeling euphoric.      



  •  Cellulite Reduction 
  •  Relaxation 
  • Detoxification - 7x more detoxifying than traditional heat
  • Anti-anxiety - increases feel good chemicals and lowers cortisol
  • Calorie burn - up to 600 calories per hour
  • Anti-aging - boosts collagen and produces a healthy "glow"
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increases blood flow and circulation
  • Soothes sore muscles and joints


  • epilepsy
  • packmaker
  • cochlear implant
  • untreated hypertention
  • skin infections
  • maternity/ lactating mothers

Shore Escape Body Wrap


 (45m...$75) (90m w Swedish Massage... $135)

 Free your skin of environmental stress and toxins with our "Ocean" inspired treatment. This treatment will begin with a stimulating full body "Dry Brush" exfoliation, followed by an all-natural seaweed, collagen, and elastin body wrap. This fusion will penetrate deep through the skin pores and cleanse underlying tissues. This treatment reshapes and contours the body, reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretch-marks. Leaving your body revitalized.